The Stay at Home Chronicles

11 October
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First a little story:
I was in the park the other day, walking my dog, when the most amazing thing happened. A hipster walked by, wearing skinny jeans, over-sized sunglasses, and a hoodie, despite the oppressive heat of the heavy, humid air. Washed in sunlight, his scraggly beard glistened and his long, unkempt hair danced in the breeze. In that moment of divine revelation I realized it was the hipster messiah. Jesus Hipster Christ. I must spread the word of his coming...to the Band of Horses concert.

More about myself:

I've decided to maintain some degree of anonymity on this, the fourth incarnation of my livejournal, but will provide some necessary background.

I'm getting a Ph.D. in the humanities. I study early modern history, and enjoy reading about deviance, sexuality, and sometimes even sexual deviance.

I like people, so friend me.